Our research addresses the causes and consequent diseases of obesity.

We apply this research to improve human health and animal agriculture.  

Our research goal is to eliminate obesity and the pathophysiologies of obesity.  This enormous goal ensures that we maintain our research focus on addressing a societal issue that affects nearly two-thirds of Americans.   Accordingly, we have research focused on 1) type 2 diabetes and obesity associated hypertension and asthma, 2) development of effective, ligand directed chemotherapeutic for cancer, and 3) central nervous system control of visceral blood flow and food intake.

Although obesity is the primary focus of the lab, we aim to apply our work to improve the sustainability of animal agriculture and animal welfare. Our animal driven research is focused on equally robust, challenging, and large-scale goals.  To this end we have 3 projects that aim to 1) limit production losses associated with rising global temperatures, 2) improve genetics for growth and feed efficiency in livestock and aquaculture species, and 3) develop a single dose injectable sterilant.  

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